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January 30, 2021

Location:  comfort of your own home!
Every last Saturday of the Month -
11AM - 12PM EST/8AM - 9AM PST
via ZOOM.
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Guidelines for Kiki's Book Club


Anyone can join us!

You must be over 21 and like to read - that is the only requirement.  


What we read:

Kiki's Club is primarily an Urban Christian Fiction book club.  Most selections have a Christian theme or is written by a Christian author.  Book selections will have very limited, if any, profanity or erotic element.  Suspense is OK if no excessive or gruesome scenes (think Mary Higgins Clark instead of Patricia Cromwell).

Kiki is taking suggestions on selections if you have already read a particular novel and recommend it.



Meetings are the last Saturday of the month, usually from 11AM to 12PM EST to accommodate ladies in different time zones (that's 8AM PST).  Our meetings will never last more than 90 minutes if we happen to go over, and are usually just an hour.



Books will be announced at least a month out to give you time to purchase or check out from the library and read.  We already have a list below of our selections for the rest of this year.  Questions will be sent ahead of time (most likely the night before the meeting), and most are already found in the back of the books.


Location of meetings:


We used to try to meet in person but found it is much easier via phone or internet.  This also allows women all over the country to participate.  Of course during this time of Covid19 we will be meeting via ZOOM.


Other notes:
  • You can attend any club meeting that is convenient to you (no minimum required).

  • Purchases are not required - get it from the library if possible.

  • You may still attend if you have not read the selection. 

  • You may invite a female guest to a meeting.

Anya Mitchell has it all: a successful L.A. financial services company, a loving fiance, and an unshakable trust in God -- until she is brutally attacked in her office by a stalker. Anya's faith and her fiance help her deal with the horror, but soon she is faced with a heartbreaking dilemma and must decide how far she is willing to go to have a future clear of this tragedy with the man she loves.


Joy by Victoria Christopher Murray

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